The Hive is a large network of technically skilled brainy bees that help you solve the physical computing and electronics obstacles that are preventing you from materializing your ideas or successfully accomplishing your project.

We are often approached by other artists, emerging product design studios, small architecture firms, and interior design firms looking for guidance on their art-tech endeavors. They are not looking for a costly end-to-end solution, meaning surrendering the entire project to a large tech consulting company, but rather searching to solve a particular problem or get help on a specific area of the project such as design, implementation, engineering, fabrication, or installation. Here is where our micro-consulting approach can offer a viable solution.

What if there was a place where you could present your idea and/or discuss the tech needs for your project, get help immediately, pay for the service and be on your way? A place that helps you complete your project without having to spend big money or enroll in a long term commitment?

The Hive is that place.

The workforce at the Hive incorporates all the tech knowledge and expertises you need to successfully and quickly implement your project.

We offer an honest, transparent, confidential, affordable and highly responsive consulting service that fits your individual needs.

When you’re ready for us we’re ready for you . . . May we help you?